Usage Of Clean Bench

Advantages of clean benches are easy to operate freely, in relative comfort, efficiency and short preparation time, turn the system on for at least 10 minutes to operate basically ready for use. In factory production, vaccination is a lot of work, regular work for a long time, clean bench is the ideal equipment. Clean blast by a three-phase motor-powered, rate 145~260W or so, will air through the porous foam stacked group of "Super filter" after blowing out constant clean sterile air laminar flow, the so-called "special air for effect", it dropped 0.3 μ m dust, fungus spores and bacteria, and so on.

Clean air flow rate of 24~30m/min, it is enough to prevent air pollution caused by harassment in the vicinity so that velocity does not prevent the use of alcohol lamp or a Bunsen burner in disinfection of instruments, such as the burning. Staff in the operations under sterile conditions, maintain sterile material in the transfer had been vaccinated from pollution. But what if the Middle face power outages, exposed to unfiltered air in the material is not immune to pollution. You should rapidly conclude its work, and make a mark on the bottle, containing material such as the proliferation stage, is no longer used as a multiplication for the root. For general production materials, extremely rich can also be discarded. As root, you can later grow.