Pousto-Chinese Professional Manufacturer Of ESD Workstation

1.    Sixteen years experience in the ESD workstation

2.    Adequate Supply of products

3.    Professional non-standard custom

4.    Cold rolled steel material

5.    Optional parts for multifunctional use 

6.    Products follow the GB3007-97 and EN-61340 antistatic standard.

7.    The workbench is permanent unitary antistatic, cut off the headstream of the static threat of the products.

Adjustable Standard Workstations

1.   Antistatic Workbench Supports+Back Plane+Front  Beam for Combined, Convenient disassembly and assembly

2.   Height Adjustable Range of:670~1120mm

3.   Uniform Load,Static Load:500kg,Dynamic Load:300kg

4.   All work units can be equipped with anti-static castors,With the use of enhanced metal foot cup can enhance the bearing capacity of working table

Pousto to design, manufacture, quality, environmental protection, innovation is the fundamental enterprise development, through the unremitting innovation and practice, condensed into a unique business philosophy, for customers to create a better working environment.

We has been committed to for customers to provide humane, modular, high quality and ultimate design of industrial products overall solution, its products cover: series of anti-static products, laboratory Furniture series, industrial products genuine Daquan series. ESD Workbench,ESD Workstation,Fixed ESD Workbench,Movable ESD Workbench.Baisite POUSTO since its inception in 2001, and Finland, Germany and high-end manufacturing enterprises to form a close strategic partnership. 

More information on  ESD Workbench    http://www.esdpousto.com/esd/esd-workbench/