ESD Workstation Structure Introduction

1, ESD table usually consists of static high pressure decorative laminate with melamine (commonly known as the anti-static laminate) for surfaces made of composite materials and wood materials. General wood for Particleboard, by embedding a conductive material such as steel columns, then through the earth connection, so that the top successfully to discharge static charges through the wire to Earth.

2, some stainless steel table, desktop needs to spread a piece of anti-static mat, mat by means of contact wire into the ground, reach the purging effect of electrostatic discharge.

3, ESD workstation is able to meet the user's common table functions based on the antistatic features have been added, which is how static electricity can be purging out! is a laminar flow clean bench clean Workbench local air purification equipment, adjustable fan system in regulating the fan after the table, can keep clean work area of the wind speed in the ideal range. (According to customer requirements are equipped with pressure gauge, can keep track of high efficiency filter resistance changes.