ESD Workbench Fixed ESD Workbench

POUSTO takes your static seriously.

Prevention of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is achieved by working within an Electrostatic Protective Area. This area is to ensure that no high charge materials are within the immediate area of ESD sensitive electronics. Fixed ESD Workbench this includes grounding conductive material, grounding workers and preventing charge build-up on sensitive electronics.

An Electrostatic Protective Area can be accomplished by working on an ESD-safe Workbench or Table, using conducting wrist straps and standing on anti-static floor mats. This prevents high voltages from accumulating on workstation operators and damaging the work in process.

Our manufacturing clients and users of integrated circuits need trusted, reliable ESD Workbenches and POUSTO has the right products for the job.

Our ESD configurations work with your existing environment. We offer 3 options with every workbench and table we build:

ESD Surface Any size surface with ESD Laminate covering

ESD Kit Grounding Terminal, Ground Wire, Connecting Wire, ESD Wrist Strap Connector and 2 Wrist Straps

ESD Package ESD Laminate & ESD Kit (Perfect with our Workbench Master)

At POUSTO we understand that every organization is different, in size, shape and environment. With that said, all of our products are custom built to your exact specifications at no extra charge. You choose the type of furniture you want, the surface type, as many or as little accessories as you need, and customize it in the size that fits your work space. Our facility handles the entire process in-house from designing, manufacturing and shipping with a focus on quality control during each stage.