ESD Workbench Care And Maintenance

With a good dissipative surface on an ESD Workbench it is necessary to use and maintain it for it to provide a long effective life. Apart from testing which is covered in the paragraph below there are a few simple steps that can be taken to ensure the ESD Workbench provides a long and useful life.

Avoid damaging the ESD dissipative surface of the work bench with sharp objects as these can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the surface, particularly if small areas become isolated by cuts, etc.

Clean the surfaces periodically to prevent build-up of grease or other layers that will impede the static dissipation. A plain cotton rag or cloth, with diluted ammoniated detergent is ideal. Using this, ensure that all dirt films are removed from the surface.

Never use wax based cleaners or solvents that may attack the surface or modify its properties.

Never use abrasive cleaners. This can include abrasive cleaning agents as well as abrasive cleaning pads such as kitchen scourers. These can remove or damage the ESD dissipative surface and considerably impair its action.

It is worth implementing a regular care and maintenance schedule as dirt and grease can build up on an ESD dissipative surface over time and its performance gradually reduce. As it is difficult to visibly detect any performance degradation, and any effects may come on gradually and not be noticed, the only way to overcome this is to regularly clean and maintain the surface.

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