Enterprises Producing Necessary ESD Workstation

Static electricity protection now has more and more attention, anti-static products have emerged, ESD workstation is one of them. ESD workstation is widely used in various electrostatic-sensitive production processes, metal, antistatic laminate or anti-static mat, with a good grounding and excellent antistatic properties. Height can be adjusted properly, accessories can be matched, according to different working environments, flexible adjustment of ESD workstation combinations.

Static table is divided into two kinds, universal made of anti-static fire retardant Board as surface material made of composite and wood materials. General wood for Particleboard, by embedding a conductive material such as steel columns, then through the earth connection, so that the top successfully to discharge static charges through the wire to Earth. There are also stainless steel Workbench, desktop needs to spread a piece of anti-static mat, mat by means of contact wire into the Earth, to discharge static electricity effects.