Energy-saving Aluminum Harmonious Development Between Industry And Environment!

In recent years, the Chinese economy from the last "high input, high energy consumption, high pollution and low output" mode to "low input, low consumption, low pollution and high output" model energy conservation and emissions reduction, the sustainable development strategy as the current state are more and more in the construction and operation of the items. Aluminum processing industry for the aluminium smelter in the upper reaches, though at much lower energy consumption, but as aluminum power like China, whose production consumes less energy superposition is a terrible data.

As China aluminum fabrication, especially aluminum production country, 50% per cent of total world production. Due to aluminium processing tons of wood energy consumption equivalent to one-tenth of aluminum electrolysis, harmful emissions than aluminum, so aluminum processing enterprises on the importance of energy saving and emission reduction work far less aluminum electrolysis enterprises, resulting in China's aluminum processing enterprises in the energy, equipment and automation technology compared with the international advanced level.

With the deterioration of the global environment, coal oil and energy depletion, limit and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions is inevitable. Aluminum processing as an important part of aluminum production, energy saving and emission reduction, is not only the needs of the developing situation, but also the requirements of economic development in China. Aluminum processing enterprises should strive to build environment-friendly, innovative and resource-saving and social responsibility of enterprises.