Considerations For Using Clean Bench

Clean bench power supply using three-phase four-wire, with zero line, connecting the machine housing, Bell firmly on the ground, the other line is line, the working voltage is 380V. Three-line access circuit in a certain order, such as threads connected to the wrong, the wind opportunity to reverse, then sounds normal or not normal, clean bench front with no wind (alcohol burner flame watched, not longer try), should be cut off the power supply, only the head swap position with two phases then connect, will be resolved. Three-phase line access only two-phase, or there is a bad contact in the three-phase, then the machine sounds very abnormal, careful maintenance should immediately cut off the power supply or motor. These common sense should start to use clean bench staff explain, from accidents and losses should not be made.

Clean air inlet at the bottom of the back or front, inside the metal finger guard is a regular foam or non-woven fabric, to block dust particles should often check, removable and washable, foam ages, timely replacement. Apart from the air inlet, leak pores should be blocked, such as tape, cotton stick glue paper. Metal mesh covers on the front of table is super filter, Super filter can be replaced, such as using long, dust clogging, reduction of wind speed, there is no guarantee when aseptic operations, you can put on the new.