Adjustable Height ESD Workbench

adjustable height ESD workbench

The Laboratory ESD workbench is a specific type of workbench which has the ability to adopt the structure of table together with the double slotted Upright frame supporter in a simple and effort less method. Because of this fact, it is able to allow the work surface or the optional accessories to be mounted on either side and anywhere along column. As a result, it will give you an immense number of functionalities just according to the requirements of your working area. This is the major cause that the utilization of the useful Laboratory ESD Workbench is going to be enhanced in most of the well famous companies all over the world. But you need to check that the Laboratory ESD workbench which you wish to buy must meet the international standards and cover all your requirements in addition.

By using the creatively designed Laboratory ESD workbench just like caters by POUSTO, you will become capable of making the working surfaces and optional modular accessories easily adjustable on workstation. The POUSTO Laboratory ESD workbench collection will make the entire working surface ESD safe. It will provide you the anti-static workbench validity on permanent basis. This workbench collection is available at POUSTO has the functionalities of both the single sided and double sided stations. Some of the greatest features of this ESD workbench set is shown below.

Lab type workbench 300 kg loading

Electrostatic Dissipative version (ESD) are available

The huge collection of the Laboratory ESD workbench available here is produced by the professional designers and therefore, it is able to cover every demand of your workplace. You can easily get the one which suits you best with full confidence. The price level is suitable hence affordable as well.

We has been committed to for customers to provide humane, modular, high quality and ultimate design of industrial products overall solution, its products cover: series of anti-static products, laboratory Furniture series, industrial products genuine Daquan series. ESD Workbench,ESD Workstation,Fixed ESD Workbench,Movable ESD Workbench.Baisite POUSTO since its inception in 2001, and Finland, Germany and high-end manufacturing enterprises to form a close strategic partnership. 

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