Gas System

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In modern laboratories, in order to complete the experiment, the need to use a variety of analytical instruments, such as gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry, ICP, etc., where these instruments need to use high-purity gases, conventional practice is to use independent air supply cylinder decentralized model, this gas supply mode for each equipment individually configured gas cylinders were used to meet each equipment, but with the increasing investment in recent years, laboratories, instruments and equipment the rapid increase in gas consumption also increased year by year, the traditional supply model has been difficult to meet the increasing demand for equipment, while gas dispersion model brings laboratory layout confusion, frequent replacement cylinder also laboratory management and maintenance caused difficulties, in order to solve the above two problems, we need a safe and can achieve complete centralized distribution system to supply gas from the gas source instrument, which is the function of the laboratory where high purity gas piping system.