Water treatment plant design and planning common sense

Urban water supply is guaranteed City economic development, people's lives and health of vital infrastructure. 2000 technical progress according to the Ministry of construction of the urban water supply industry development planning requirements, first water (maximum daily water supply capacity of over 1 million m3) by the end of this century, water quality testing can do 89 project and meet the water quality objectives, our first class water quality close to the international advanced level. Therefore, we must strengthen flood the central laboratory of the Division of work, establishment of a comprehensive modernization of the water quality laboratory is to implement the basic link of the first division of water quality objectives.

Shenzhen water (Group) limited in 1994 based on the central laboratory of the company formed an urban water quality monitoring body--the national urban water quality monitoring stations, and through the national meter card, access to the provided inspection data has the status of notary. The end of June 1997, the company built the "Watergate House", located in the building of 20~22 group, new Laboratory Centre (station), opened in July 1998, for a total area of 2 630m2, area 1 800m2.