United States the Centers for disease control laboratory biosafety level criteria

1, in the relevant culture and sample experiment, without the Director's consent, restricted or prohibited from entering the lab.

2, after in vivo treatment, laboratory staff to wash their hands before leaving the lab out of bounds.

3, allowed in the work area eating, smoking, cleaning contact lens and make-up. Not allowed in the work area to store food and daily necessities. In the lab, people who wear contact lens, also need to wear masks or face masks. Food should be stored in a special cupboard or fridge for work outside the region.

4, can not mouth pipetting, liquid can only be moved by mechanical devices.

5, sharps safety norms established.

6, all operations should be careful to avoid splashing and aerosol.

7, at least once a day, in vivo when spilled, surface disinfection should be carried out.

8, all cultures, stocks and other wastes provided prior to the release, should be feasible disinfection methods in disinfection, such as autoclaving. Disinfection materials should be transferred to the nearest laboratory in durable, leak-proof containers, seal out of the laboratory, its packaging shall conform to the relevant local, State and federal regulations.