Ordinary VS useful ESD Workbench

The term of ESD is widely used which means the electro static discharge. The presence of ESD is not favorable in any case due to the reason that it has the ability to damage or even destroy the hardware components mostly that are utilized in the industries where the working is related to the field of Electronics. In the nutshell, the discharge of electrons between two objects that have different potentials is known as ESD. Even though the ESD can produce a spark and its intensity is bearable but on the other hand, it may cause major loss particularly in the presence of other equipment. In order to remove this danger, the utilization of the useful ESD Workbench is vital that is designed and developed for the industrial sector in particular.

As compare to the office furniture, the industrial furniture is totally different because of the open reality that it is produced for specific purposes only. The environments in industries may contain the heavy-duty labor in addition to the existence of special substances such as chemicals and electronic piece of equipment, any tiny spark may result in big disaster. It is the ESD workbench that can make the industrial environments safe and sound by providing a path to the electro static discharge to the earth. The ideal ESD workbenches are well equipped with certain sorts of qualities which are vital for the prime goal of offering resistant to the electrostatic discharge that produce the safe workplace furnished with the characteristics of productivity and efficiency. A number of must have workbench qualities are shown below which you need to check before buying to obtain best results.

Ordinary VS ESD Workbench, Which One Is Best?

In the manufacturing sector of today, the use of the industrial workbench has become a standard equipment because it is suitable for lots of work settings. The sturdy table the main purpose of which is to provide the facility of manual work is known as the workbench. There are various kinds of workbench are available which range from simple and smooth surfaces to very multifarious designs. No matter which type of workbench you choose, if your business is related to the electronic field, then the utilization of the ESD workbench is a must.

The meaning of ESD is Electrostatic Discharge that is basically an instance transfer of electrostatic charge between objects. The creation of ESD will become come into existence when any human interference is occurring or contact with machines has done that are electronic based in particular. A charged human body has a capacity of discharging about 100ns. Due to this reality, in the semiconductor industry environments, ESD has proven to be one of the chief reasons of device failures these days. The ESD is able to appear anywhere, even during the computer working. The damage caused by ESD is able to make the components to malfunction even though the user may not feel a shock while ESD is creating. The conductive workbench was following pitfalls shown below.

Damage Cause by Conductive Workbench

• The conductive surfaces of the workbench are harmful as it shot out any connections that can make the operation and testing of the circuit unworkable.

• It is the function of the conductive surface to cater only a low impedance discharge path. This results in giving a very rapid discharge. The outcome of this instant discharge is a high current flowing that will enhance the possibility of damaging the nearby things.

• The ESD workbench is well equipped with a high resistance dissipative surface which is preferable as compared to the fully conductive surface due to more safety. While using an ESD Workbench, if high voltage is present, then accidentally touching a high voltage source will prevent any danger.