Manufacturers Selling Simple Black Fire Prevention Board Table Maintenance ESD Workstation Test Bench

Casting Form Material:Metal

Casting Form Usage Count:Permanent

Surface Treatment:Spray-Paint

Surface Roughness:Ra12.5

Machining Tolerance:+/-0.15mm


Name: the workbench

Color: black walnut

Freight: due to regional differences, need to consult customer service

2.5 cm black walnut mesa

40 * 40 * 1.2 mm steel pipe

Main ingredients: mesa: USES the high quality of fire prevention board, fire prevention, hot resistance, abrasion resistance, deformation, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, good bearing capacity, easy to clean, desktop quality pimp sealing side, special craft production, not easy to fall off.

Hardware: 40 * 40 mm bracket is made of high quality seamless steel pipe quality, the surface through the rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic plastic spraying, high temperature curing process. Table Angle is equipped with a protection cover, to prevent noise and scratch the floor.

We has been committed to for customers to provide humane, modular, high quality and ultimate design of industrial products overall solution, its products cover: series of anti-static products, laboratory Furniture series, industrial products genuine Daquan series. ESD Workbench , ESD Workstation , Fixed ESD Workbench , Movable ESD Workbench.Baisite POUSTO since its inception in 2001, and Finland, Germany and high-end manufacturing enterprises to form a close strategic partnership. 

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