Fixed ESD Workbench

Fixed ESD Workbench
Product Details

Cold Rolled steel, table top with ESD laminate are used in the technical and ESD workbenches production
Modular accessories for a flexible workbench configuration and economic option to add accessories in the future
ESD Workbench are consist of different function parts. every part is optional by customer need.
The table board and the metal part is permanent antistatic.The workbench can be adjust by height .
The Recommended Configuration
Fixed ESD workbench frame 1500 750
ESD Worksurface 1530 750 25 (grey top grey edge) (Standard)
Drawer bracket D750
Drawer unit SD-200 372 486 346 (100%opening) (2ps of dividers included)
Upright tube 2M750 1580 2015 styles
ERGO light/balancer rail 2M750
Raster structure light 600LX white cold colour
LCD Monitor Cabinet
Back panel M750  390 ESD (blue) 2014 styles
Document panel M750 390 ESD (grey)
Steel shelfbrackets M750 300
Wristband junction box
Chap board   hooks with plug (Euro standard)
2M750 Power Rail S-side -- DETAIL AS FOLLOWS